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Dental Insurance

oct-2016-blog-postMost dental insurance plans are a use-it-or-lose-it plan. So many people wait until December to use their Dental Benefits and for some of the procedures waiting for December is not enough time to complete the procedure. Most dental plans will not pay for major procedures like crowns, partials or full dentures until the procedures are complete. This means that if for any reason the crown or denture does not fit it will not be applied to the current year benefit. Please call to schedule your dental treatment soon.

Are you double-covered with your dental benefits? Many people think that if they are double-covered with dental benefits they will have no out-of-pocket expenses. In some cases, that is not true. Dental benefits can be very confusing. When you are signing up to be double-covered look for a few key words in your benefits book that will let you know if you will have an out-of-pocket expense or not: ‘coordination of benefits’. This is the way the insurance decides how they will work with your primary insurance plan.

Standard Coordination of benefits means that your secondary will most likely pick up the balance of your claim that the primary does not cover.
Higher allowable coordination of benefits means that your secondary plan will only pay if your primary has not paid higher that the benefits level they would have if they were primary. So if the primary carrier paid the same or more than what the secondary carrier would have paid if they had been primary, then the secondary carrier is not responsible for any payment at all.

I know that insurance benefits can be confusing so if you are looking into insurance plans for the 2017 benefit year and you would like some help deciding what plan works best with your dental needs, please feel free to call me and we can set aside some time to go over your benefits together.

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