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Holiday Health Tips for Your Teeth

With the holidays swiftly approaching, many of us are going to be met with a cornucopia of wonderful holiday confections and treats of all sorts, and while these might be quite toothsome, healthy for your mouth they are not. Considering that, we here think that it is important to provide some advice on ways to modify your diet to keep your mouth healthy this holiday season.

Eliminating or Reducing Sugar

One of the most significant ways we can do this, though it might prove to be an infeasible, is be eliminating sugar wherever possible. For the bugs which generate carries (dentist for cavities) sugar is akin to fertilizer for plants. Of course, we admit that eliminating sugar might not be entirely possible, so it is important to make up for that in other areas of the diet.

Vitamins, Nutrients and Good Bacteria

Calcium and protein are important nutrients for teeth, so milk and yogurt are excellent dietary supplements during the holiday season (all year, really). Yogurt is particularly helpful because of the added probiotics. The mouth is a bacterial playground, much like many other areas of the human body, so probiotics are helpful because they can crowd the area out and prevent the bad, carry causing bacteria from invading the mouth and setting up. Other excellent sources of vitamins and minerals are almonds and leafy greens.


Besides vitamins, nutrients and good bacteria, it is important to eat foods that will help the mouth clean itself. We can do this by consuming foods high in water and fiber, such as apples, celery and carrots. Besides being dietetic, they are excellent for getting the mouth the product saliva, which is important for flushing the mouth. And at least one of those tastes good.

Thoughts to Remember

In closing, remember to eat dairy where you can, as well as apples, carrots, celery, leafy greens and almonds. And try not to eat all the pastries. Maybe just half will do?


Happy holidays, from all the staff at Mid Valley Family Dental.


A helpful article from the Colgate Oral Care Center, “Healthy Foods List: Seven Best Foods for Your Teeth”:


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