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Tobacco and the Mouth:

As has been known for decades, smoking and the use of orally administered tobacco products carry with them a host of health risks, many of which are the under the scope of your local dentist. For the sake of completeness, some of the issues we see with tobacco users are increased risk of gum disease, yellowing of teeth and tongue, decreased healing after oral surgery (and in general), decreased sense of taste (and smell), and oral cancer (as well as other cancers).

Some of the previously mentioned problems are more common than others, but unlike some other bad oral hygiene habits, the only surefire way to lower your risk of these is the cut out the habit all together.

Now, we recognize that quitting is much harder than just recognizing the issue, but there are a host of programs designed to help those who wish to make the change in their lives and quit. Here are some programs designed to help you stop:

Smoke Free Oregon


American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking Program



Smoke Free.gov




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